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According to statistics, fifa 14 coins in World Cup opening Hou of a week within, its online video browse Shi long in all mobile client in the ranked fourth, became “flow war” in of big winner, and in its zhiqian of love odd art, and Le depending on and excellent cool is are for professional of video website by Jet lag limit, even is again hardcore of “stayed up party” also hard in 30 days within breath finished day all game, this virtually inspired has by all on graphic, and video information of needs. According to our information, this demand will be at 12 o’clock noon of the day before and after the lunch break and leave work at 5 o’clock in the afternoon after a peak. This means that when most people open the phone to view tournament information, most of the information about the event itself has been “fired rotten” exclusive information on the sidelines have become a large AppThe battleground into Rio slums full of violence, on top of the mountain on the football field and the local kids play a game, talk to a flamenco Club … … FIFA soon, TV plus, they quickly rolled out such a less than seven minutes, but people’s short documentary, and widely praised. In fact, in the previous sessions of the World Cup, reported there were about the local customs of the host country, has never been more popular are visits to grass-roots culture, Tencent also invited this year in domestic popular Conca evergrande before foreign aid to join on your toes on the Brazil team, leading the audience insight into the Kingdom of Samba. While PPTV with NetEase, respectively, as the Germany team and the Brazil team’s official partner, which also sent former Shenhua name Xie Hui to resident reported the Germanic Legion, put more effort into the off-site tidbits in addition, almost all video covering the World Cup coverage AppOffer comments ball, homemade programs such as reality show, enriches the information materials.